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New map!
GuNz and OCPJR have released a new map for Blood, although is a mixture of other maps:

You can get it here.

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Comments for New map!
# 7 von Sir Seizhak
Post updated. Thanks, Nyyss0nen!

# 6 von Nyyss0nen
The map is here: http://www.the-postmortem.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2433

# 5 von Sir Seizhak
Both BB and Single Player would be great.

# 4 von Nyyss0nen
I heard it's BB, but propably single too.

# 3 von L3GEND
Thank you for sharing ! :) Singleplayer or Bloodbath ?

# 2 von Sir Seizhak
Names added. Thanks!

# 1 von Nyyss0nen
Yeah GuNz and OCPJR working this map together.

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