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New singleplayer map from Michael Poltavsky
Michael "Bifurcator" Poltavsky has released a new singleplayer map called Corrupted Village . This map was planned as the third map in the addon Cult .




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Comments for New singleplayer map from Michael Poltavsky
# 9 von L3GEND
This map is from Cult Beta, more precisely it is the third map of it ;)
The author publishes his things primarily on VKontakte . Should you not react there , according to your logic ? Why always so polemic ?

# 8 von BME
This map isn't Cult Beta and was uploaded to freeminded..... first.
It's rather pretty goofy (understatement) to comment on the map here.

# 7 von L3GEND
Oh really ? We have published Cult Beta almost a month earlier ;)

# 6 von BME
The author is over at freeminded, praise the map there.

# 5 von Sir Seizhak
Awesome level. It's plenty of details, sprites and some respawn moments. I've loved every place (the best for me was the mansion and the final part).
However, it needs better texture alignment.

# 4 von BME
Funny, you grab it from freeminded without showing any appreciating there, post it here and then even expect the maker to react to your question.

The problem did not solve itself as you changed it.

# 3 von L3GEND
The problem has solved itself. I had to rename the file extension from .map into .MAP .

# 2 von Corvin
When commenting, you should probably have asked for help at freeminded, also your linking files directly on freeminded instead of the maps about page which would be more effective.

# 1 von L3GEND
I can not start the map , I get the following error message ;
src/db.cp(1044) : Error opening map file village

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