Welcome Bloodites, to the BLOOD LINE the intellectual successor of PlanetBlood.
This page is dedicated to Monoliths legendary shooter BLOOD .


Blood Fan Reboot , University Project
A group of students from the National Animation and Design Centre develop within seven weeks an isometric shooter based on Blood . However, they do not develop a extensive game but merely a short playable sequence . Seven students are involved in the project .

My team and I are very proud to show you our take on Blood, a PC game from the 90’s. Blood was a First Person Shooter, we imagined it as a twin-stick shooter centered around the use of TNT. We also completely redid the visuals with a semi-stylized art direction. We really wanted to capture the tone of the original game, which is over-the-top, satiric and packed with horror clichés. We also seized the opportunity to explore the destruction capabilities of Unreal 4 !

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# 1 von L3GEND
It looks great :)

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