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Mikhail Poltavsky has released a two maps episode named Cult,
The two maps are called Outpost and Shore passage .

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Comments for Cult.Beta
# 10 von Sir Seizhak
Well, I think a regular episode has 8-10 maps, but a mini episode has 4 maps.

In my opinion, SP, BB, CP, CTF, and episode are the main categories.

# 9 von BME
You asked "Perhaps we should....."

Personally I don't think the length of an episode matters.
A distinction between SP and BB? sure, but a 3 map or 10 map episode, naaah.....

# 8 von L3GEND
Yes, perhaps you're right, was a casual idea ^^

# 7 von BME
That's not necessary and would be quite silly.

# 6 von L3GEND
Perhaps we should create a new download section for mini episodes :)

# 5 von Sir Seizhak
Cool. New maps for the community :D

# 4 von BME
Well, the bridge thingy is caused by a sloped floor underneath it way down, it's not really a glitch but just something native to the engine of course (if slope tilting is set).

I hope it will be extended with at least one more map since 2 is quite thin to call it a real episode I guess. But the beta maps so far are pretty well done.

# 3 von L3GEND
I've also noticed the stack glitch . Directly at the beginning at the bridge ?
I think the map is still in development , because the author begs to report bugs and errors . The maps are great .

Mikhail Poltavsky the author :


# 2 von BME
It has got a stack glitch and a couple of other minor things like unbreakable vases'n'stuff and the player looking briefly down when setting foot on the sprite bridge but other than that a very nice project, I like the overall architecture.

# 1 von TheNight
Nice screens! Will try asap.

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