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The Night Texturepack Demo
Almost done, just a few corrections left to do.
The pack has got 654 textures plus 6 new skies.

Here's the latest demo map:

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Comments for The Night Texturepack Demo
# 5 von TheNight
We can still make some alterations later.
And feel free to contact me if you find something nasty ,)

# 4 von L3GEND
The look great, my favorite is the angel statue ^^

# 3 von BME
Yes, in total 750 now and some have been touched up, but then again; not all textures need to be seen from a great distance of course, think of a small area etc. plus the fact that when they are shaded darker the aliasing will also be reduced to some degree.

Next up is applying the animation values and the surface types for all textures.

# 2 von Krypto
If it's nearly 700 textures I assume all the anti-aliasing/distance issues were sorted out?

# 1 von Sir Seizhak
Looking forward to it!

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