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Texture Pack by The Night
The Night calls it a wrap!
The textures are now in their final state and have been imported to 3 ART files.

But that's not all.....

There are some new sky textures and voxels in the pipeline as well,
so stay tuned!

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Comments for Texture Pack by The Night
# 5 von TheNight
Thank you guys.
And hey, maybe we should create wishlist and write down the ideas for texture pack vol.2. What you think about that? New forum thread anyone?

I'm not really sure how many new art files can Blood handle. Let's figure it out! )

# 4 von Sir Seizhak
Yeah, nice work.


# 3 von BME
Yup there is,

- animated corpse with flies hovering above
- impaled one
- two hanging/nailed to a cross
- torso on a hook
- hanging on a rope

The 2 screen shots above barely show 15% of the total amount.

# 2 von Krypto
Interesting to hear it has new sky textures =) I to agree on seeing new sprites preferably mutilated corpses and such.

# 1 von L3GEND
The look really great,very professional . Thank you for that . Can not wait to see them in the game! I personally would like also to see new sprites. More precisely body parts , heads and splatter .

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