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New Textures by TheNight a.k.a. Nightsmoke

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Comments for New Textures by TheNight a.k.a. Nightsmoke
# 4 von BME
Well, from close up they kinda do but some of the ones you see in this video do not look that great from far away; ugly aliasing. I think 50% of the textures will not make it to the final release making the remaining half all the more excellent!

All tiles are now imported into 3 ART files, see here:

# 3 von L3GEND
The textures look extremely good .

# 2 von BME
Probably not but this may as well be the finest ever made for Blood;
they blend well, fit the theme and are quite original. Some still needs some fine tuning though.

# 1 von Krypto
Is this the first custom texture set made exclusively for Blood then? :O

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