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New maps in progress
Tekedon has been, and still is, working on 2 maps;
The Slums 2 and a new untitled one:

And Nightsmoke a.k.a. The Night has recovered most of his Dark Times files and is working on it right now. The episode will have a total of 6 SP maps and some BB ones as well.

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Comments for New maps in progress
# 10 von BME
The slums II, as well as his castle map, will be part of the episode so you have to be patient a bit more. I do believe that the release will be within this year though.

# 9 von L3GEND
That's great . But he will publish previously Slums II or not ?
Thanks BME, let us know if you know more . That needs to be advertised in the news :)

# 8 von BME
It will consist out of a couple of not yet finished maps.
Indeed thumbs up for Tek, F da Src!

# 7 von Sir Seizhak
This is the stuff we need.

Keep up the good work, Tekedon ;).

# 6 von BME
A little gargoyle told me that Tek will work on a 6 map episode.

# 5 von BME
Hang on to your seat 'cuz.....

Tekedon has been working on yet another map that I've play tested 2 days ago.
All I can say is; besides the delicate selected textures it has got some excellent lighting!

# 4 von Sir Seizhak
I like both previews :P

Keep on the good work, guys.

# 3 von L3GEND
The second map looks incredible good, reminds me also of the Cryptic Passage. I am pleased.

# 2 von BME
I've had the honor to beta-test the maps yesterday, both may be very different in theme but equally as well crafted.

The one with the castle is already much bigger than shown in the video.
It has got around 600 sectors and a little over 4500 walls now so still enough left for all kinds of surprises that can be added to this already very atmospheric map!

The Slums2 is pretty much the same as seen in the video except for a few secret areas, one is pretty funny ;) The map also has now a custom MIDI song which is fitting the theme well I think. The sector count is half-way and some 3500 walls are used.

# 1 von Krypto
The sneak peek video immediately resembles Cryptic Passage fused with Swamp Castle in style with that distinct big, open area exploration feel to it, is a very nice!

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