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The Beauty Clinic, new singlepayler map
Sir Seizhak has released a new singleplayer map .

a singleplayer map by Sir Seizhak


Caleb has an ugly scar in his face due to a brawl in a bar. He heard good references about a beauty clinic where they're able to erase the worst scars. After having a conversation with the medical surgeon, Caleb realizes that there's something wrong. Finally, Caleb decides to enter the clinic by night using a crate that will be send to the beauty clinic.

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Comments for The Beauty Clinic, new singlepayler map
# 2 von Sir Seizhak
Thanks for your comment, L3GEND ;)

# 1 von L3GEND
A very short and decent map . Good lighting, atmosphere and architecture . In my opinion there is not enough action . Nevertheless funny :)

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