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ZBlood 2.0
Name (Version) ZBlood (2.0)
Author J. S. Graham, Joseph Otey
Date 27.05.2015
size n/a
Rating   3.167
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ZBlood is a game that runs on the ZDoom engine, which is a modified version of id Software's Doom engine. ZBlood itself is a modified version of the Doom II WAD, Blood TC. However ZBlood includes many new weapons, levels and features and is currently being updated while Blood TC is no longer being worked on.

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# 6 von BME To me ZBlood isn't at all part of Blood's history just Doom's.
# 5 von L3GEND I thought that maybe someone is a masochist. And would like to play ZBL . I don´t like ports to other engines. It is precisely the engine which has its own feeling. No matter what you do it will always feel like Doom. The only alternative is Eduke32 and Buildsharp.
# 4 von Sir Seizhak I'm not even annoyed ZBlood is on BloodLine. A dark part in Blood's history XD.
# 3 von BME .....
# 2 von Krypto Why is this even here :\
# 1 von Sir Seizhak I think this project is dead. Last updated was called ZBlood+.