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Maniac Mansion 4 Blood Final ++
Maniac Mansion 4 Blood Final ++
Name (Version) Maniac Mansion 4 Blood (Final ++)
Date 24.09.2015
size 2.94 MB
Rating   10
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If you enjoy running around in a huge house with a great variety of places then you might want to try
this one. Besides the secrets there are a few traps as well so beware! Hints can be found throughout
the house in one way or another. Guaranteed to keep you busy for well over 20 minutes
and more than twice that time if you want to fully explore the map !

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# 2 von BME Thanks, glad you like it that much! :)
I've been quite busy with it but I very much enjoyed the process of recreating as much as possible (and a lot more that I just made up ;)) as I'm also a fan of the original MM game.

# 1 von L3GEND An awesome map, always fun to play .
I love the intro , it´s also great . The items are hidden very well , so there's a lot to discover . My rating is 100/100 or 5/5 .