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Dark Times E1M1 Alpha
Dark Times E1M1 Alpha
Name (Version) Dark Times E1M1 (Alpha)
Author TheNight
Date 01.08.2015
size 40.22 KB
Rating   10
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First map of Dark Times Episode 1. Try to find all four secrets.

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# 6 von Sir Seizhak I'm glad to read this. Keep up the good work, TheNight
# 5 von BME A little birdy told me that TheNight is working on Dark Times again!
# 4 von Krypto An interesting puzzled based prelude opener, the lighting is very evocative and powerful in creating a gripping atmosphere, mostly reminds me of 'Farewell to Arms'. I can't comment on E1M2 as I got stuck and haven't gotten back to it :P
# 3 von TheNight Thank you guys.
Beta version of e1m1 is much bigger now. And trickier too ,)

# 2 von BME One of the great things about Dark Times is that no sector is wasted on too complex and detailed structures, yet it still looks very interesting and the maps have reasonable large areas to traverse.
There's a consistent theme throughout the episode and each map has its own atmosphere.
The use of texture combination is also pretty original in some places.
All in all this episode has a very unique style of Blood mapping.

Very looking forward to the final release..... soon!

# 1 von Sir Seizhak Excellent map. That eerie ambient is unforgettable.