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Count of Wallachia Corrected
Count of Wallachia Corrected
Name (Version) Count of Wallachia (Corrected)
Author Tekedon |
Date 27.06.2015
size 443.42 KB
Rating   10
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Finally another release for the Blood community. This is planned to be in an addon of mine called "A Bloody Mess". But.. I have to accept the facts.. If I'm gonna make an addon and release it, it would take years and years to get it done. I don't have much spare time for mapping these days. I'm still planning on making the addon though but I'm also releasing this map as is.. It was a miracle I could get this map done in the relatively short time I did. Let's look at this as a teaser/demo at the moment. I hope you enjoy.

Story? Well.. You're at Draculas castle, find him... eliminate him.

*Big special thanks to BME/ILMHB for betatesting this baby for me. And also for his feedback and suggestions*


- Place all files in Blood folder and backup if you have it. (it will be replaced)

- Run drac.bat

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# 2 von BME Great map, above average once again.

When peeking into the INI file it seems that Tek wanted to add some message but left it empty. Also there's an EndingA defined pointing to a not existing map which makes Blood exit right away which is a kinda neat effect actually.

# 1 von L3GEND Great as always. Great atmosphere, perfect level design, nice effects, matching soundtrack .