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This page is dedicated to Monoliths legendary shooter BLOOD .


Sunday 17. 07. 2016
Innsmouth Corporate Plaza. New map!
from Sir Seizhak

I have recently finished a map. It was in my HD, uncompleted... until now.

You can download it at:

-Blood Hispano.
-Blood Freeminded.
-Blood Repository.

Happy BloodBath!

Saturday 16. 07. 2016
Jace Hall's newest post
from L3GEND

Jace Hall has posted something Blood related on his Facebook page. Due to his recently Post it leaves room for interpretations .

"Sitting here with OG game designer Nick Newhard discussing secrets..
U do the math. iLiveAgain"

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tuesday 07. 06. 2016
Jace Hall live again ?
from L3GEND

This is a prototype of the Blood Shareware, according to Jace Hall the only existing copy

Jace Hall has published an article on Twin Galaxies in which he muses about Blood and bringing the game back . He suggests that we Bloodites should start a crowd funding campaign . He wonders how many people would be interested in it .

"Since it is my name and signature that is on all the Blood related contracts and deals - assuming a large enough crowd funding effort, I know I could help move the needle on this. But do enough people care?"
Jace Hall


tuesday 24. 05. 2016
Slums 2 (unfinished failed project)
from L3GEND

Tekedon has canceled the project Slums II. However, he has published the unfinished map.


I decided to upload this map as a failed project finally. Because it does NOT have the same feeling as the first map, not satisfied with it. I need to redo it from scratch for it to actually be worthy to be "Slums 2". So just see this as a failed random city map by me, please do NOT see it as a sequel to the first map. It's not done so it does not have any ending. But you can enjoy what is there.


tuesday 10. 05. 2016
Cult 4: Manor
from L3GEND

Michael "Bifurcator" Poltavsky has published a further map from the addon Cult .


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