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Friday 26. 09. 2014
OUWB for only 1.89 ?
from L3GEND

BLOOD is available currently, only for ? 1.89.

About: You carved your soul to shreds in servitude to a dark god, but false promises and betrayal were your only reward. Now you have a score to settle and it will be measured in blood! Experience the madness in one carnage-soaked package! All the gore, all the unholy war! Zombies, gargoyles, hellhounds and blood-crazed hordes of horrors await! Crush loathsome evil of the mighty Tchernobog! Or condemn yourself to eternal damnation in this leviathan of unhallowed gaming action!

Includes the original Blood and addons: Plasma Pak and Cryptic Passage
Various, often crazy weapon types like a pitchfork, flare gun or a Voodoo doll
A grim atmosphere with an abundance of graphical violence, offset by dark humor and cheesy one-liners



Friday 26. 09. 2014
BuildSharp update #10
from BME

A quick run through of the BuildSharp Actor Viewer, it's current status, and plans for the future.

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Saturday 23. 08. 2014
New French Meat 2 screamshots !
from L3GEND

New French Meat screamshots from episode 2 (map 1 and 2) !


Sunday 17. 08. 2014
New blood fanart
from L3GEND

Work on new blood fanart !
made by a friend...


Monday 04. 08. 2014
New blood expansion announced
from L3GEND

Sir Seizhak announcing that he is currently working on a new addon.
When it will be released is currently not known.
Stay tuned for an extensive infusion...

New files:

-Scripts to launch the Add-On
-New textures
-New MIDI tracks
-New voxels.


5 new episodes. 9 maps per episode:

-An eerie power.
-They will repent.
-The last doomed.
-Caleb's Dream (Only for Cooperative, but playable on SP). 5 levels.

And 10 new BloodBath maps.

Screenshots are available at Blood Hispano
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